About Me

I love helping organisations and companies reach their full potential when it comes to their digital and technological goals. A good solid technological foundation is essential for any modern company.

Though working in technology is my background, I truly believe that people make the dream work. Working together with people and building teams is what makes me tick and what makes me extremely happy.

Another thing I enjoy is sharing, I share through me being a mentor in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Futures Foundation, but I also frequently am on stage for speaking engagements.

In my spare time I love to watch football, and enjoy working out. I also am the host of the Bits vs Bytes Podcast.

My Expertise

As with anyone in your team, everybody has their own expertise. If I need to sum up my expertise it’s within the areas next to this text.

Leading Teams
Product Ownership / Management
Public Speaking
DevOps / Infrastructure
Technical Sales

My Values


People before technology

Without people, you can’t build technological. I believe in getting the right people on board for the job, and giving them the freedom to work.


Find the right tool for your challenge

Just being innovative to be innovative is not the point. Whenever you’re building a product, look at what the right technological solution is for the challenge.


Always stay curious and stay learning

If you’re not learning and curious, you’re not growing. It’s what I expect from myself but also from people I work with. Genuine curiosity and a learning mindset is the key to success.

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